Our Story

“So… how did you guys meet?”

No matter how many times I get asked, this question doesn’t get easier to answer. Fact of the matter is, that like most great things, it’s kind of… complicated.

I’ve known Christian since I was fifteen. He was on one of the soccer teams that my uncle coached.  His mom, dad, and older brother came out to Colorado from Utah for a soccer tournament that the age group above Christian’s was invited to.

I didn’t meet Christian until a week later, when my family drove out to Utah to support the team at a tournament in Utah. By then, I had already been crushing on his older brother.

Yeah… like I said, complicated.

Aw look. A little baby Julia & Christian

Aw look. A little baby Julia & Christian

When people hear that we’ve known each other from so young, the typical response is “Awww, were you guys high school sweethearts?” But we were really anything but that. He thought I was mean. I thought he was too sensitive. Retrospectively, I was pretty mean… Below the lovely Christian is pictured with his own 16th birthday cake smashed in his face by yours truly.


We got along most of the time. In fact, he even took me on my very first date – not that he remembers it. ;) We went to Color-Me-Mine, then Olive garden, then a movie (which may or may not have been the second Twilight movie. Yeah, embarrassing), and then we went to Walmart with his mom… because he didn’t have his license yet.


We had a lot of fun together, but we still talk about a few instances that happened way back in the day and disagree about what happened. This video is a pretty good example of our dynamic way back when…

There was also an incident where I threw a basketball at his head and then proceeded to high five his face. (He makes it sound meaner than it was.) My favorite story is when he spritzed me with a water bottle, so I spritzed him back, and then he didn’t talk to me for two hours. There was definitely a lot of growing up we both had to do.

When he turned 19, he left on a two-year mission in the Philippines. While he was on his mission, I wrote him a total of two letters. It would have been more but he apparently deemed me unworthy of a second response. Goober.

Even though we didn’t talk much, our families remained close. It’s kind of weird looking back and seeing how we would weave in and out of each other’s lives. For example, my younger sister Jenna and Christian’s younger  brother Tyler were in a car accident on my 18th birthday. Our families have a lot of history together.  Maybe that’s why it sometimes strikes me that I’m marrying Christian Smith, and I get weirded out a little bit.

But he's so different now, and I'm different, too.

Those that are close to me know that the past few years have been really hard. They have required a lot of introspection, a lot of strength, and a lotttt of growing. These few years are a big factor in why everything is so complicated. I don’t feel like the same person that Christian used to know. But, it strangely works; because he’s nothing like the Christian I used to know, either.

We reconnected via Facebook. I had found the above video, and commented. We started talking via messenger, then text message, and met in person shortly after. We’ve seen each other almost every day since, and it’s been a ride.

When we first met up, Christian was planning to move to North Dakota in about two weeks. I, on the other hand, wasn’t ready for any kind of relationship. Since he was leaving so soon, I felt comfortable hanging out so frequently. We spent the first few weeks hanging out constantly.

We saw each other almost every second that we could, knowing that time was limited. One of my favorite memories is when we pretended to be engaged at his friend’s dinner.

We held hands for the first time (when we weren’t fake engaged) at a William Fitzsimmons concert. It took a long, long time for me to let him kiss me. But he was patient (and he shaved his beard, which definitely helped) and we had what was probably the most awkward first kiss of all time.


It feels like there are so many more stories that I could share. I think that’s why writing “our story” – wow, that sounds super cliché – is so hard. It’s made up of so many different adventures, and so many different learning experiences. And it may be a little complicated, but I love how everything turned out.

It’s kind of unreal looking at how the timing worked out. If we had reconnected a week later, he would have been in North Dakota. If he hadn’t planned to go to North Dakota, I probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable hanging out so much. If we hadn’t known each other from so young, I don’t think I could trust him as much as I do now. In addition to the timing, it’s especially amazing to see how we have both grown into each other.

I love being in love with my best friend. I am so grateful to be with a guy that treats me like he does. He is such a manly man. He makes me laugh even when I’m upset. He’s patient enough to help me put the pieces of me back together, and fell in love with me even when I wasn’t trying to impress him. He’s so goofy, so kind, so loyal, and – miraculously – so mine.

I love him, I love him, I love him. And that’s not complicated at all.