Karli + Zach

Ooooo boy, this one is near and dear to my heart!

I had the privilege of working for Karli’s parents for a little bit over a year, shortly after moving back to Colorado. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are among the kindest and most generous souls I have ever met in my life. Working with them touched my life for the better, and photographing this wedding was really moving for me. I saw all of the traits that I love and admire in Karli’s parents reflected in Karli and Zach themselves. I may know Karli’s parents better than I know Karli and Zach, but I left their wedding day feeling like I had known them for years.


Karli and Zach started dating in high school. Karli’s dad talked about how nervous he was for his daughter to date in high school, but they really lucked out with Zach being the one to sweep Karli off of her feet.

After dating through high school, both Karli and Zach attended CSU, where they started to realize that their relationship was something to hold on to.

While they’ve been together for a long time, there is a strong sence of independence and individuality in both Zach and Karli. They have grown together, but they have also grown as individuals. They perfectly embody the phrase “power couple,” each excelling throughout their academic, personal, and professional careers.


When I asked Zach what his favorite thing about Karli was, he said it was her warm heart. He loves how kind and loving she is.


Karli told me that her favorite thing about Zach is his outgoing and friendly personality. She said, “He makes everyone around him feel welcome and included.”

(I can attest to this - towards the end of the night Zach was inviting my sister and I to their after party. How sweet is that?!)


Zach and Karli - thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I felt very honored to document something that I know will grow and become something larger than the two of you can even imagine. I can’t wait to see what you two do together.

My Favorite Detail: My favorite detail was the back of Karli’s dress, because it was stuuuuuning. In a close second place was the long veil that Karli got on Amazon, Which is Amazon-ing. (I tried to mix Amazon and Amazing. It didn’t really work, did it? haha)

Tear-Jerker Moment: The bridesmaids and Karli’s mom had a short prayer before the ceremony, where each took a turn thanking the Lord for Karli and Zach’s relationship, and wishing them well in their new adventure together.

A Zach and Karli Kind of Love: I can only describe the sense that I get from their marriage by putting it this way… Imagine two overachievers getting together. Magic, literal magic. They’re a couple that knows how to have fun together. They fully support each other to grow individually, knowing it’ll only make their relationship stronger.

Congratulations, Zach and Karli!

Venue: The Pines at Genesee


Hair and Makeup Artist: Hair by Haley Jo

Photographer: Julia Renae Photo

Dress: Brilliant Bridal

Rings: Mark’s Diamonds

Cake: Good ol’ Costco! :)

A little behind the scenes fun :)

Jenna - my sister - was my assistant for this wedding. She helped lug my gear around and kept us on schedule, but she also tossed the veil and dashed for me. Here’s Jenna in action!

Jenna - my sister - was my assistant for this wedding. She helped lug my gear around and kept us on schedule, but she also tossed the veil and dashed for me. Here’s Jenna in action!