Jaley + Aaron | Wedding Photos at Dillon Ice Castles

It’s not every day that your baby sister gets married. You’d think it would be easier to write about something so close to my heart, but it’s actually more difficult to put into words what this day was since it meant so much.

It’s been years since I first met Aaron in my parent’s basement. I remember thinking “eh, he’s okay” as so many older sisters do. I know my view may be biased, but Jaley is truly gorgeous - inside and out. She is the sort of person to send you front + back love letters when you first go away to college to let you know that home doesn’t have to feel so far away. She’s spent so much time with me having sister nacho dates (which were basically just an excuse to eat jalapeños). She’s also the type of woman that doesn’t know how beautiful she is (ayeeeee looking at you, One Direction) which is as frustrating as it is remarkable. She is humble, dedicated, loyal, giving, and as tenderhearted as they come.

I wasn’t going to be easily convinced that this boy (strikingly reminiscent of John Mayer at the time haha) was deserving of her.

But let me tell you about Aaron. He gives just as much as Jaley does. He is so kind and sweet to her. One of my favorite memories is watching him cut up Jaley’s steak so that she didn’t have to take her arms out of her blanket during dinner. He’s the kind of person that sees so clearly what somebody feels, and it’s amazing to me how well he and Jaley fit together. She is everything that he needs, and he is everything that she deserves.

They met when they were teenagers at a church dance. It still blows my mind that it was Jaley that asked Aaron to dance during the last song of the night. If you know Jaley, you know that she is not the forward sort. When you first meet her, she may come across as a little bit shy and reserved. But here, she threw caution to the wind and asked a cute boy to dance.

I don’t really know what encouraged her to act so out of character, but I like to believe that a tiny piece of her heart knew that Aaron was going to be important in her life. And I know that sounds as cheesy as the nachos on our sister dates, but look where we ended up.

Every part of their day was beautiful. They kept everything really intimate, including a private ceremony with just their mothers present. (Well, and me. Definitely the #1 perk of being a wedding photographer ever.)

My favorite part of their day was while they were exchanging their vows to each other. I couldn’t hear what they said to each other, but I could feel the unconditional love and I took pictures of tears rolling down both of their cheeks. And really, that’s what a wedding day is all about.

It’s so crazy to me to think that my family pulled this wedding together in just a little over a month. Even the dress wasn’t decided on until about a month ago. But sometimes things that are meant to be just fall together; like a reception, wedding details, or even a 17 year old gathering courage she didn’t know she had to ask a boy to dance.

Welcome to the family, Aaron!

My Favorite Detail: Jaley has a bracelet engraved with our Great Grandmother’s signature. Bama and Jaley were especially close, and since she is no longer with us, it was so touching to see a physical representation of her at the wedding

Tear-Jerking Moment: Their first dance, fo sho. I don’t even have to explain this one, just look at the pictures below and look at how genuine the look of love is on Aaron’s face.

A Jaley + Aaron Kind of Love: I know I’ve kind of already said it before, but when you have two selfless people and put them together, you create a certain type of relationship magic. This is a love that is tender, dedicated, kind, with just the right amount of fun sprinkled on top.

Wedding dress hanging in a brightly lit window
lace detailing on a wedding dress hanging in a window
emerald cut diamond ring on a blue geode stone
Badgley Mischka wedding shoes displayed with other wedding details
Unique bracelet engraved with the bride’s grandmother’s signature
Wedding rings engraved with fingerprints on the outside and text on the inside
A groom getting ready for his wedding day in Breckendridge, Colorado
The groom finalizing his look before getting married on a snowy winter day
The groom looks excited to see his bride for the first time
The groom turns around to see his bride on their wedding day
the groom embraces his soon-to-be bride after seeing her for the first time
a bride and groom kiss underneath an arch made of ice at the Dillon Ice Castles in Colorado
winter photos of a bride and groom in Breckenridge, Colorado
a groom whispers sweet nothings into his bride’s ear
a bride and groom almost share a kiss underneath a beautiful ice sculpture
a bride shows off her bouquet on her wedding day
a winter shoot of a bride at the Dillon Ice Castles in Breckenridge, Colorado
a beautiful couple on their wedding day
close up photo of a ring on the bride’s hand while holding her bouquet
the groom kisses his bride’s cheek romantically
a bride adjusts her dress
a happy couple looking at each other on their wedding day
a couple shares a romantic, wintry kiss
a bride and groom kiss while the bride’s dress is flying in the wind at the Dillon Ice Castles
A groom shows off his boutonnière
A groom looking to his side and smiling
A couple kissing underneath a bridal veil
A happy couple at the ice castles in Dillon, Colorado
A beautiful couple almost kissing during winter
A groom spins his beautiful bride at the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado
A bride and groom look at each other longingly under an ice sculpture
A bride reads her vows to her groom at Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, Colorado
a bride tearfully reading her vows to her groom
a bouquet sits in the snow with a bride and groom showing in the background
A groom reading his vows to his bride in Breckenridge, Colorado
A bride and groom share their first kiss as husband and wife
A bride and groom stand on the side of a mountain at Sapphire Point Overlook in winter
A snowy bridal session at Sapphire Point Overlook
A groom kisses his bride on her temple while she looks down
A groom kisses his bride on the temple while she smiles and looks away
A groom helps his bride off of a rock and kisses her while she smiles
A stunning bride in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado
A winter bridal session at Sapphire Point Overlook
A bride looks down at her wedding bouquet while the wind blows her hair delicately
A bride looks over her shoulder while she and her groom walk away
A bride and groom on a frozen lake while the sun is setting behind them
A bride and groom on a snowy lake in the middle of winter
A bride and groom look off in the distance while the groom hugs his bride from behind
A bride and groom looking straight at the camera in a winter photoshoot
A couple kissing in a wintry, Colorado setting
Farm tables decorated with greenery and candlesticks for a wedding
A place setting at a private home wedding in Colorado
Candles are lit all around a table that has place settings with name decorations at each spot
A candle in the middle of a table decorated for a wedding
A small table setting for a wedding at a private home in Colorado
A white semi-naked cake with a crown decoration on top of it
A bride and groom holding a baby while smiling at it
Donuts are rimmed on champagne glasses filled with milk for a cookies and donuts toast
The father of the bride gives a toast with a champagne glass filled with milk
A bride laughs as she clinks glasses with her groom
The bride and groom sign their marriage license
The groom kisses his bride right after signing their marriage license with a big light flare behind their heads
The bride and groom share their first dance surrounded by Christmas trees
The groom hold his new wife romantically as they dance their first dance
Twinkle lights surround the bride and groom as they dance together
The bride kisses her new husband during their first dance
The bride is beaming at her husband while they dance in the middle of Christmas trees
All of the wedding guests cheer for the bride and groom during their sparkler exit
The groom laughs as the smoke from their sparkler exit lights up behind them
The bride and groom share their last kiss of the evening while the guests all hold sparklers


  1. Florals: Lummé Creations

  2. Cake:

  3. Hair: Drybar

  4. Makeup: Kiss My Aesthetician

  5. Venue: Dillon Ice Castles

  6. Dress:

  7. Shoes: Badgley Mischka

  8. Engraved Signature Bracelet: Caitlyn Minimalist

  9. Fingerprint Rings: Grace Personalized