My beautiful sister has battled depression for quite a while. It's a hard battle because it's one that doesn't really ever end. However, she wrote a beautiful blog post about how even broken things are beautiful. And I think that's the most wonderful description of what it means to be human... we all have different cracks, but we're still here, and we've put ourselves back together, and I think that makes us even better than we were before. 

I was honored to take photos to illustrate her thoughts. She drew inspiration from a Japanese art called "kintsukoroi", meaning golden repair. They take a piece of broken pottery and repair them using a golden lacquer. Something that was once broken is not even more beautiful. Different, but still whole. Broken, but somehow fixed. 

You can read more about her "Beautifully Broken" experience on her blog. How have you been beautifully broken? What has filled your cracks with gold?