Christie & Matthew | Winter Portraits at Big Cottonwood Canyon

Christie has a special place in my heart. It was about 4 years ago (woah) that my sister and I roamed into a jewelry store to find her an engagement ring. It was really special, but also a little bit sad, to be a part of this experience with her. My sister's then-boyfriend was deployed, and so they were going through the exciting "before engagement" steps on opposite sides of the country. I feel grateful all the time that Christie was our sales representative at the jewelry store that day. The shopping experience without my sister's almost-fiance could have been really sad, but she made it something else entirely. She is kind, witty, and has excellent taste in jewelry.

I was so honored to take photos of her and her husband Matthew on the day that they got sealed for time and all eternity in the Payson temple. Everything felt like it had come full circle. I hadn’t seen Christie in 3.5-ish years, but I got to be part of a really happy day in her life, just like she was part of a really happy day for my sister.

Plus, I got to see her ring in person. And let me tell you… it is definitely the ring of a jewelry connoisseur. 😉

The day was cold, but Christie was such a trooper, never complaining about frozen fingers or toes. And we made magic happen. I hope you enjoy these winter wonderland photos as much as I do!

My Favorite Detail: Her ring, duh

Tear-Jerking Moment: Okay, a different kind of tear-jerker here…. but when my husband Christian helped throw Christie’s veil for a dramatic shot, he fell into what was literally 4 feet of snow. Hahahaha

A Christie + Matthew Kind of Love: The first time I met Matthew was right after they came out of the temple. And still, I just get the sense that Christie and Matthew fit together. Like two puzzle pieces.