Rachel & Brian | 5.6.17

This wedding was beautiful. 

Rachel & Brian both travelled to Denver for their destination wedding. Rachel had just graduated from Medical School in New York, and Brian was coming from D.C. They're a power couple if I've ever met one. 

Here are a few of my favorite bits of their day:

- I spent quite a bit of time with Rachel's bridesmaids. They're a fun, dynamic bunch and are the epitome of female power. This can also be summed up by Rachel insisting on giving Brian a twirl after I asked Brian to give her one. Gahhh I loved this couple. 

- Her delicate lace dress complimented the gorgeous white, grand cathedral of the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The stained glass was beautiful, and I could gaze at the towering white ceiling for hours, but Rachel definitely stole the show. 

- Watching Rachel & Brian's facial expressions during the ceremony. Lots & lots of love there. 

- Seeing Catholic & Indian traditions combined into a completely unique wedding day. Every wedding is a family coming together, but I felt that especially during this wedding day and it gave me all of the feelings. It was so beautifully done, too. 

- Rachel's mom did all of the gorgeous flowers for the event, and every time I saw her adding water or touching up an arrangement, it became so very obvious how much she loved Rachel. My favorite moment of the whole day was when the mother of the bride gave the bride her bouquet. 

- We took tuk-tuks from the cathedral to Union Station and then to the Denver Athletic club. I want to make tuk tuks my main form of transportation now ;)

And with that, here are some of the beautiful moments from the beautiful, beautiful day.