Summer Wedding at the Tapestry House | Nicole & Colton

Being a wedding photographer is flippin' amazing. Every single wedding I photograph, I always feel like I'm adopted by their family for a day. Oh man I can't talk about this anymore or I'll start grateful-crying. :')

Sometimes I feel weird blogging about weddings when I'm essentially a third-party outside observer there to document the day, but maybe that also gives me a clear view of their day and what their love is like in this moment. 

And let me tell you, Colton & Nicole have a LOT of laughter ahead of them. During the couples portraits, it was hard for them to be 'serious,' and I even cracked up several times. (Hint: look for Colton's tongue in a photo below haha)

Congratulations, you two! Your day was beautiful - thanks for having me as part of it. 

Favorite Detail: The golf balls on top of their cake - LOVE when my couples tie in pieces of their relationship into the details. I also adored the grey bridesmaid dresses. 

Tear Jerking Moment: Have you heard of the 'sixpence in your shoe' for good luck tradition? This was my first time hearing about it, and the moment Nicole's dad dropped the penny in her boot was really sweet.

A Nicole & Colton Kind of Love: A love that is always, always laughing. Goofy, fun-spirited, and always up for a laugh together. 

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