Kathryn & Trenton | Rocky Mountain National Park Fall Engagement Session

I met Kathryn & Trenton for the first time at a Starbucks.

I meet a lot of clients like this, but this time was different. For one, I was a little bit drugged up. I had an allergic reaction that day, and didn’t realize Benadryl would make me soooooo sleepy. (Okay, lesson learned.)

Kathryn & Trenton were waiting for me in the Starbucks patio even with a little bit of rain pour, and that’s how I immediately knew that I adored them.

We talked about photography, their 5 and a half dogs (not as morbid as it sounds, I promise haha), and their wedding plans. They had a vision of an early morning wedding, complete with family + brunch.

It was only a month or so later that I got the best email ever. It went something like this: “Never mind, we’re getting married in January.”

We hiked up to Dream Lake for their engagement session, which - if you’ve never been - is completely beautiful, especially in the fall. We got there right as the leaves were starting to turn. It’s always so beautiful to me to see the cusp of the season changing, almost like autumn is kissing summer. And while I’m sad every year to say goodbye to summer, fall has a pretty gorgeous way of making up for it.

And hey, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but this was my FIRST session EVER in Rocky Mountain National Park. I know, I know… I live 2 hours from one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in the world, and it’s taken me 3+ years to take photos there. I’ll tell you this much, though…. I’m going to be there a lot more. (In fact, I did another session at Dream Lake less than a week after this session haha)

So here are Kathryn + Trenton…. they plan weddings 5 months out, wait in the rain, are dog lovers, and are completely charming people. I’m really, really grateful I don’t have to wait an extra nine months to celebrate them. Enjoy their adorable faces :)