Courtney & David | 6.10.17

I met Courtney & David on a beautiful sunny day in a gorgeous Denver Park. We had originally planned to meet in a Starbucks, but about 30 minutes before our meeting time I got a text from Courtney saying "it's a gorgeous day. Do you want to meet in Wash Park instead?"

And that's when I knew that these two were my kind of people. 

Their wedding day was also gorgeous. It was incredibly hot until right before we had to take portraits. The clouds literally came out at the exact right moment. I don't know about you guys, but when I put 2 and 2 together, I'm starting to think that Courtney and/or David can control the weather. 

Courtney got ready at an Airbnb in Golden, and then we took some of my favorite bridal party photos of all time in Historic Downtown Golden. The ceremony was at Christies of Genesee, which had a gorgeous back area for the ceremony site. Apparently they had just renovated, too. 

I could tell right from the beginning that Courtney's bridesmaids meant a lot to her, and she meant a lot to them. Also present was David & Courtney's beautiful girl, who really, really wanted a nap. It's a good things Toddlers are so adorable when they're sleepy. 

Favorite Detail: The bridesmaids in all Black. And those dresses literally looked fabulous on every single bridesmaid! So classy

And Another Because I Couldn't Choose: Her hair was PINK! and it looked FANTASTIC! She was like a modern Marilyn Monroe with her classy red lip and wavy locks of magenta. I WAS IN LOVE! (if you couldn't tell by the All-Caps choices haha)

Tear Worthy Moment: When her bridesmaids saw her for the first time. So. Much. Joy.

A Courtney & David kind of love: All encompassing, patient, and so strong it doesn't have to be spoken. 

Congratulations you two love birds! Here are some favorites of mine from their day.